Every month, the development team behind Elder Scrolls: Legends introduces (at least) one new card – an amazing card, usually, that can turn the tides of battle into your favor. This month’s ESL monthly card is Hist Grove, the second monthly cards released in the game.

This is a type of card that you will get to love instantly: it’s a support card with ongoing effects, as well as a very special ability. In other words, for just 3 Magicka, you can play the Hist Grove in Elder Scrolls: Legends and gain +1 max Magicka. Even more impressive is the fact that, once you get 15 Magicka or above, you can sacrifice this card to summon a truly epic game-changer: the 8/8 Swamp Leviathan (and you summon one in each lane!).

Check out this amazing monthly card below:


Now, despite the fact that it looks good and 8/8 Leviathans can win the game in a turn, it’s also pretty difficult to get to 15 Magicka in the first place, even with the extra bonus offered by the Hist Grove. This is clearly an advanced card, one to be used by veteran players with solid decks, in matches that will be lengthy and difficult. Otherwise, I personally believe that you can’t really expect to use its sacrifice ability. But even without that, the +1 Magicka that it offers throughout the game is a valuable bonus, so don’t ignore it just yet and play it in different decks and see how it goes.

So… have you been lucky getting and using the Hist Grove in Elder Scrolls: Legends? Did you build a new deck specifically for it, or it went perfectly with your existing deck(s)? What type of deck do you think it’s best used with? Share with us the answers to all these questions, as well as any other comments you might have regarding the monthly card in the comments section below.