Believe it or not, the Elder Scrolls: Legends starter pack special offer was not always present in the game, but Dire Wolf Digital (the game’s developers) introduced it a little while ago. So many people might be wondering if it’s worth buying the Starter Pack in Elder Scrolls Legends. My answer is, by all means, YES!

Apart from the fact that you get to show your support for this amazing game that’s being offered to us for free, you also get a super special offer: you spend $4.99 (or a similar amount based on the country you’re living in) and you get 10 Card Packs for that money, with one guaranteed Legendary card drop. Normally, getting 10 Card Packs in the game would cost over $13 (you can get a 7 cards pack and a 2 cards pack for $13), so it’s indeed an amazing deal here – plus the guaranteed Legendary!

I bought the pack, of course, and I only received one Legendary card (I was somehow hoping for more), a Reive, Blademaster card that’s extremely strong: 4 cost, 2/5 card with the text: “When Reive attacks, deal 2 damage to the enemy player, then increased the damage dealt by 2”. If you can keep it alive for long enough, that can prove to be an extremely powerful card right there. I will soon publish an article with the opening of the entire set of 10 Card Packs, so check back soon here on ESL Decks if you’re curious to see what I got!

With the Starter Pack in the game, I also increased my card collection with 60 new cards, which is extremely useful especially early on in the game. It’s true that you don’t know much about building a perfect deck when you’re starting the game, but it doesn’t hurt to have the base set and a ton of cards to choose from when you know what you’re dealing with and what cards are more powerful than the others.

I have no idea at the moment when the Starter Pack is no longer available for purchase, so my recommendation is to make sure to buy it as soon as you get the offer, especially if you’re serious about playing this game. One extra Legendary card early on and a total of 60 new cards for your collection, all for just a fraction of what it would cost to get them otherwise… that’s a really sweet deal!