We have just published an article about all the races in TESL, but we didn’t cover one extremely important element: what is the best race to play as in Elder Scrolls Legends? Most people send this question in and I’ve decided to tackle it, even though the answer that I have is not one many will be happy to hear.

Why do I say that? Well, because in the long run races don’t matter too much in Elder Scrolls Legends: when creating your custom decks in the game, you won’t have to choose a race and build your deck based on that race. You will be able to mix cards of the same color from all races that share that color. And you choose the colors / elements when building your deck!

So if you want to mix Red and Purple, you won’t have to only use Orc cards. You will also be able to mix in Redguard, Nord, Wood Elf and cards sharing the same color. Which is pretty nice, in the end and offers a lot of freedom in terms of deck building.

But still… what’s the best race in TESL?

Even though you can mix and match as long as the colors remain the same, races DO play an important role in the game. As you probably know already, choosing a specific race influences the type of cards you will get in the game. For example, to carry on using our Orc example, if we would play as Orcs, we’d get more Orc cards, whereas as Redguards, we’ll get more weapon-related cards (red and blue).

Therefore, choosing the race you play as in The Elder Scrolls online should be made based on the preferred style of play. I personally prefer an aggro combination, I like to fill the board and take control of the game so I am biased to go for Redguards and Nords and consider them extremely solid races in the game. Other will have better luck using Archer decks, while other will go for Battlemages.

In the end, this is what makes this game so amazing: there are so many possibilities to play it and every deck can be successful in the right hands! So the safe thing to say is that there are no “Best” races in the game.

If you want me to give you an answer – one that is 100% subjective and based on my own play style – I would say: go for Redguard or Nord! But I am sure there would be people out there who would disagree.

So let us know in the comment section below which is, in your opinion, the best race to play as in Elder Scrolls Legends!